About us

We, at Vidya Technology Solutions are passionate about the embedded technology and electronics and programming. We work and live with electronics and programming. Embedded systems and robotics is our keen interest for working. And we wish to empower the coming youth to join us in this most advancing field of embedded systems.

Vidya Technology Solutions serves as center for development of various products, customized solutions and realizing your ideas into reality. We work in very timely schedule to complete the tasks at hand.

Research and Development is what we live for, apart from developing innovative products, doing continuous research on every new things in electronics is our hobby. We work with almost every new thing in embedded world let it be raspberry pi or let it be wearable ornaments!!!

Our trainings division is continually empowering youths and professionals gain abundant knowledge about this emerging field. Our training courses are unique in a sense that we allow students to experiment on a large scale.

If you have any query regarding any of our services or products. Or if you’ve any suggestions, please feel free to contact us anytime, we respond much quickly!!!