Young Engineers

Robotics, Electronics and Gadget Making!!!


From Electronics components to Robotics and 3D printing. Electro-Scientist is the course you’re looking for. Its a complete course to satisfy all your hunger for experimentation and creativity. With more than 30 Different projects to learn, electro-scientist is the best thing one can learn

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Robofresh is the beginners entry into the amazing world of robotics. Robofresh is the first and entry level course in robotics which involves study of electrical batteries. motors and actuators. Buttons and Robot making. We make a remote control robot in this course

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Robotics Interests Everyone. RoboAdvanced is a course for engineering/diploma/12th Students. This course comprises of Building a robot with electronics interfaces and Writing programs to create various different Robots. A Complete Robotics Kit is Included as give away kit to every student. There are total 7 Different robots to build.

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Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things

Raspberry Pi is the credit card sized computer and most favorite choice of Internet of Things Applications. This course deals with the Raspberry Pi and Iot Applications. We study various embedded systems sensors and interfaces with Python Programming in this course to build Embedded and Internet of Things Applications. Course Consists of Study of 15 Different Projects

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