RoboFresh Robotics Course

RoboFresh is  the entry level robotics course for all age groups who wish to start learning robotics

Student studying from 5th std and onwards can join this robotics course.

This course deals with the most basics of the robotics field and gets you started with robotics education. The contents and the syllabus of the course are listed as below

Build you first Robot within One hour after joining this robotics course

Age Group : Students from Std 5 onwards up to Graduate students from any field

 Course Syllabus

  • Understanding the Concepts of robotics
  • Robot Kinetics and Robot Dynamics
  • Inertia, Torque, RPM, Wheel concepts
  • Concepts of Battery and Motors
  • Robot Chassis and its construction
  • Building a 2 wheeled Robot
  • Building a 4 wheeled Robot
  • Building wired remote for 4 wheeled robot
  • Movement of 4 wheeled robot and moving through a tricky surface
  • Understanding the electronics required to drive robot
  • Build a simple Motor Driver Electronics Circuit
  • Attach Sensor to Robot
  • Use the Robot Controller and Develop an obstacle avoiding robot
  • Use of bread boarding system to build quick circuit
  • Build completely autonomous robot


RoboFresh Kit (for robotics experimentation)

  • 1x Bread Boarding System
  • 10 x Connecting cords
  • L293D Motor Driving IC
  • 3 Wheel Robot Chassis
  • 2 x DC Motors
  • 2 x IR Sensors
  • 1 x 9V battery
  • Robot Control Board
  • CD and Certificate
  • Robot Building Toolbox


Course Fees: Rs 2000/- (without RoboFresh Kit)

Course Fees: Rs 4000/- (with RoboFresh Kit)