RoboAdvanced Robotics Course

RoboAdvanced is the advanced course in robotics education. In RoboAdvanced, students learn to build the non-programmable as well as programmable robots using very friendly programming enviornent. The programming is made so simple that any student having zero programming knowledge can also build robots in Minutes

When you start building Robots, we assure you that any student in specified age groups can program the robot in less than 5 minutes in this robotics course

Details of this robotics course are as below

Age Group : Students from Std 8 onwards up to Graduate students from any field

Course Syllabus

  • Understanding the Concepts of robotics
  • Robot Kinetics and Robot Dynamics
  • Inertia, Torque, RPM, Wheel concepts
  • Concepts of Battery and Motors
  • Use the Robot Controller and Develop an obstacle avoiding robot
  • Use of bread boarding system to build quick circuit
  • Build completely autonomous robot
  • Robot Controller Board, understanding the concept of Open Source
  • Arduino Platform, simple basic programs including LED blinking, LCD interface, PC interface and button Interface
  • Building Robot using Programmable Controller Board, simple autonomous locomotion, forward reverse movement
  • Attaching sensors to the kit and write simple programs to build robots
  • Robots Covered:
  1. Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  2. Wireless Remote based Robot
  3. Bluetooth based Android Controlled Robot
  4. Accelerometer based Gesture Controlled Robot
  5. TV Remote / Mobile Phone Controlled Robot
  6. Pick and Place Robot
  7. Line Follower


RoboAdvanced Kit (For Robotics Course Experiments)

  • 1x Fully Assembled Robot Controller Board with Microcontroller
  • 10 x Connecting cords
  • 1 x Program Downloading Cable
  • 1 x Line Sensor
  • 3 Wheel Robot Chassis
  • 1 x 9V battery
  • CD containing all the software’s, printed Manual and Certificate
  • Robot Building Toolbox


Course Fees: Rs 4000/- (without RoboAdvanced Kit)

Course Fees: Rs 6000/- (with RoboAdvanced Kit)