Raspberry Pi Training

Raspberry Pi Training Course

Introducing Raspberry Pi training course for the first time in a complete “Newbie” Package. Anyone having curiosity about raspberry pi can benefit from this course.

In this Linux class we’ll use the Raspbery Pi to learn Linux as well as looking at some simple programming with Python and some interesting hardware projects. Trainings will be conducted on actual raspberry pi hardware in real time and all experiments will be completed on hardware itself


  1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi
    1. Hardware aspects
    2. Board details
    3. Overview of available hardware resources
    4. Operating systems available
    5. Pr-requisites of using raspberry p
  2. Installation of OS on Raspberry Pi
    1. Download Image and Prepare SD Card
    2. Install Raspberry Pi operating system
  3. Linux System Administration
    1. Linux Commands
    2. Basic Operations of linux and commands understanding
    3. Raspberry Pi Configuration
    4. Installing and uninstalling software
    5. Boot and Display Options
  4. Programming the Pi
    1. Introduction to Compilers
    2. GCC, and C programming
    3. Python Programming for Pi
  5. Shell Programming
    1. Accessing resources of Raspberry pi using shell
    2. GPIO programming over shell
    3. Webcam accessing using shell
  6. Hardware Interfacing
    1. GPIO interfacing through Python
    2. LED, Buzzer, Switch interfacing
    3. Sensors Interfacing
  7. Connecting Pi to the Internet
    1. Installing server on Pi
    2. Sending email through programming
    3. Simple Camera Accessing over internet
  8. Pi Home theatre
    1. Playing Music over Pi
    2. Using streaming internet

Course Duration: 1 Month

Course Fees: 12000/- ( Including Raspberry Pi and Accessories Kit)