Project Internship

Project Internship is a specialized course developed for the final year students of Engineering and Diploma, where students get trained professionally about the steps involved in a complex project development. Student goes through all the phases of embedded system project, create schematics, draw layout, solder the pcb and burn the microcontroller!!! Its much a fun and learning activity. Highly recommended instead of buying a project.

Students do complete their final year project in this training at our Labs and use our Labs as long as they are satisfied!!!

Course Contents

  • Introduction to electronics, the definition Passive and active and components their use
  • Basic Circuit ideas, power supply, basic component identification
  • Use of every component in electronic circuit, choosing components in a circuit
  • Theory of inputs and outputs used in project
  • Theory of the Interfaces used (project dependent)
  • Selection of total input and output circuits
  • Circuit Diagram Drawing
  • Circuit design tools, software demonstration and discussions
  • Component selection for project
  • Power ratings, TTL/CMOS considerations, component usage guidelines
  • Component procurement / collection
  • Layout / Artwork design basics
  • Computer aided artwork development
  • PCB design guidelines
  • Project Artwork Development
  • Finalize artwork and printing it on paper
  • Manufacture PCB (hired service)
  • Component Mounting,
  • Soldering, guidelines about soldering components, IC’s
  • Project Enclosure
  • Microcontroller architecture (avr/8051/arm)
  • Microcontroller theory and coding software’s used
  • Embedded C Programming, project creation
  • Introduction to IDE, compiler, programming
  • Program downloading into IC, (burning the microcontroller)
  • Programs study for various interfaces used in the project
  • Part wise program development.
  • Testing and completing the project code
  • Final Testing
  • Project Assembly

Value addition to students

  • Students will see the complete making of the project and participate in each step involved in a project design
  • Microcontroller / FPGA programming using higher level languages
  • Embedded C
  • Students will be able to design electronic system on their own with a little or no further guidance.
  • Students will get a training certificate
  • Students can be confident about working of project and will be able to troubleshoot if required in future

This course is for the electronics, electronics and telecommunication, electrical electronics and power, and instrumentation engineering students from Engineering background

Course fees rupee 10000/- for 2 students / group

Course fees rupee 15000/- for 3 students / group

Course Duration: – 15 days (for training, further up to completion of project)

Minimum 2 students in a project group should undergo training.

Included in the fees: Training Fees, PCB charges, and basic components, One microcontroller IC

Excluded: Project special components (Sensors, Extra microcontrollers, GSM, gps, rfid, zigbee, motors, battery, touch screen, transformer etc…)