Practical Basic Electronics

Practical Basic Electronics Course is a kick start into the field of electronics, even complete newbies can also undergo this training.

This course covers complete basic electronics including 100% practical hands on circuit building and up to 2 layer pcb design

Course Contents

  • Introduction to electronics, the definition Passive and active and components their use
  • Component Identification, resistors, diodes, capacitors, inductors, LED’s etc
  • Working of resistors, capacitors and inductors
  • Use of Digital  Multi meter
  • What is DIODE? What is a rectifier, Light emitting diodes, basic idea of use
  • Transformer, its use, application and theory
  • Practical circuit of Rectifier, voltage regulator, power supply
  • Design Of 12V and 5V regulated power Supply
  • Breadboard, introduction, use of prototyping
  • Transistor theory, basics of transistorized switching
  • Relay Theory, basics of relay switching
  • Concept of Circuit designing, component selection
  • Basic  Circuit Design on  bread board
  • IR sensor using LM358 OP-AMP
  • DC motor working principles, L293 Motor Driver IC
  • Datasheet Reading, its uses and how to use datasheet
  • 555 Timer, and circuits using 555
    • LED Flasher (astable multi vibrator)
  • What is sensor, how to use sensor in circuit
  • PCB making, hand drawing of PCB artwork and layout
  • Handmade PCB making technique
  • Etching and drilling.
  • Mounting, soldering. On zero PCB
  • Mini Project Development
  • Circuit troubleshooting & Fault finding

 PCB Design

  • Hand made Artwork Design techniques
  • CAD based PCB designing techniques
  • Concepts of Single sided, double sided pcb designs
  • Single sided pcb design using computer software

This course is suitable for all those who wish to learn the basics of electronics engineering. All branches of engineering, diploma students and Science graduation (Bsc, Msc) Students.

Electronics Kit provided (worth rupee 1500/-)

  1. 1x Digital Multi meter
  2. 1x Soldering gun with soldering metal
  3. 1x De-soldering wick
  4. 1x Wire bundle, single stand and multi stand
  5. 1x Stripper
  6. 1x Lead Cutter
  7. 1x 5volt and 12volt Regulated power supply PCB with components
  8. 1x 0-12V transformer
  9. 1x Breadboard
  10. 1x Zero PCB
  11. 1x 555 IC with base
  12. 1x Set of Electronic Components

Course Fees Rupee 5000/- (with above mentioned electronics kit)

Course Fees Rupee 4000/- (without above mentioned electronics kit)

Course Duration: – 20 Days, 2hr/day