Matlab Programming

Using Embedded System

MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation.MATLAB is an interactive system whose basic data element is an array that does not require dimensioning. This allows you to solve many technical computing problems, especially those with matrix and vector formulations, in a fraction of the time it would take to write a program in a scalar noninteractive language such as C or Fortran.

This training course is about learning Matlab with Embedded System, Functioning of Matlab, Creation of Mini and Mega Projects, Kindly check the detailed syllabus below

Matlab Programming Using Embedded System

Course Contents

Module 1: Introduction to MATLAB

  • Introduction to MATLAB Environment
  • Comparison MATLAB with different platforms.
  • Advantages of MATLAB over different platforms.
  • Applications of MATLAB in different areas.

Module 2: Basic Concepts

  • Basic syntax used in MATLAB
  • Special characters, operators, constants, variables used in MATLAB
  • Different commands used in programming
  • M file Concept
  • Loops
  • Concept of scalar and vector.

Module 3: MATLAB Programming

  • Introduction to MATLAB software
  • Project Creation steps
  • Simulation of program using MATLAB.


Module 4: Matrix Programming

  • Concept of Matrix
  • Elements of Matrix
  • Different Matrix Operations
  • Addition, subtraction, Division, Inverse, Transpose etc.

Module 5: Array Programming

  • Concept of Array
  • Types: Single Dimension, Multi Dimension
  • Special Arrays used in MATLAB.
  • Array functions

Module 6: Algebraic Functions

  • Basic algebraic equations
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Higher Order Equations
  • System Equations
  • Equations in Octave

Module 7: Strings and Functions

  • String
    • Concept of String
    • Examples of String
  • Functions :
    • Types of functions
    • Examples

Module 8: Graphics and Plotting using MATLAB

  • Graphics
    • Bar Graph
    • Contours
  • Plotting
    • Adding title, label, grid
    • Scaling
    • Creating Subplots
  • Sampling
    • Concept of Sampling
    • Types
    • Examples

Module 8: Image Processing

  • Basics of image processing
  • Image processing Algorithm ,Functions
  • Image processing Steps
  • Examples based on Image Processing
  • Project on Image Processing

Module 9: Embedded Interfacing

  • Interfacing Matlab with electronics hardware
  • Matlab Interfaced Device control with Arduino


  • Diploma
  • Engineering Students
  • 12th and Graduation Students
  • Any PG Students
  • Professionals

What you will learn?

  • Introduction to Matlab Programming
  • Matrix Programming
  • Algebraic Functions
  • Arrays, Strings and Functions
  • Graphs and Plotting
  • Camera Interface and Image Processing
  • Arduino Interfacing
  • Introduction to Simulink
  • 6Weeks
  • Daily 90 Min Session
  • Any 10th 12th Passed Out
  • Any Diploma Students
  • Any B.E Students
  • Any PG Students
  • Professionals
  • Morning 9.30 to 11.30
  • Afternoon 3.00 – 5.00
  • Evening 6.00-7.30
  • A Course Completion Certificate
  • A Soft Copy Of Course Manual

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