Professional Embedded Systems Design

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Professional Embedded System Design Course

This is a Career oriented Embedded Systems Course covering all the aspects of embedded and electronics system design. Course is designed considering current needs of electronics and IT industries. This is the only Course includes everything from PCB design to LINUX programming in single package. Skills included in the course are required in small scale industries to multinational companies like wise. Most electronics engineer’s jobs ask for EXPERIENCE, and many companies do not hire an inexperienced person, that’s why we are including on-job experience with Experience Certificate for this course. This is a unique course with 3 Months Training and 3 Months Internship giving you a total of 6 months experience over these technologies. You’ll be certified as trainee engineer with experience of minimum 6 months

Course Contents

  1. Practical Basic Electronics
  2. Single and Double Sided PCB Design
  3. Embedded C Programming Basics
  4. 8-Bit Microcontroller Programming
  5. 32-bit ARM Programming
  6. RTOS programming
  7. Embedded Linux
  8. Live Projects
  9. Internship and Experience Letter

Total Learning and Experience


Electronics Hardware Exposure


Embedded Software


Work Experience

Different Technologies to Study

Hours of Coding and Learning

and More Live Projects

Happy Students Till Date

Vidya Technology Solutions was founded in year 2010 with an aim to provide quality practical education to electronics students. Vidya Technology Solutions is the most experienced and technically advanced institute working with embedded systems in Aurangabad. We provide trainings as well as we do real Industrial Live projects, provide Product Development and Custom R & D Services to many Companies. In past 6 years we’ve trained more than 5000 students and served more than 50 different industrial clients working on almost every embedded technology that is in use. Our diversified work profile has let us work on various different platforms which counts to more than 10 different processor technologies which includes 8051, AVR, PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, XMEGA, ARM7, ARM Cortex M3, MSP430, Linux, FriendlyARM, Raspberry Pi, pSoc and many more. The overall work is entirely development centered and hence students can get real practical knowledge about embedded technologies.

This course is compiled considering the live requirements in wide variety of industries. We’ve approved the syllabus from R & D heads of automotive domain and IT domain people. The same course syllabus is applicable for job in embedded IT industries where most work is on software’s. As well as Automotive Industries, where direct microcontroller and electronics hardware exposure is must required. Additionally the projects we take ensure a direct System Design Approach which is the unique thing we teach in our training’s.

  • Only Course offering Electronics Hardware plus embedded technologies expertise
  • Complete Hardware as well as software Exposure
  • Project Oriented Training
  • On-Job Training with Experience Certificate
  • Direct Placement Assistance


Most students undergo training courses for getting a job, and we are catering the same need through our course by providing 100% placement assistance. Moreover, the student, after getting trained under this course is no longer a FRESHER but is having a minimum 6 months experience which simply doubles your opportunities to get any job compared to a fresher.

We are very clear about our placement assistance policy which includes all below details without any additional charges

  1. Experience Certificate
  2. Professional CV Creation without using any template
  3. Required modifications in CV for making it Job Ready
  4. Online Portal Profile Making and Maintaining (
  5. Keyword filtering in online job sites
  6. Direct References to Local Industries and Our Own Clients
  7. Apply to more than 20 renowned Consultancy Companies without paying extra fees

Course Syllabus

Detailed Course Syllabus

Professional Embedded System Design Course

1.     Basic Electronics and PCB Design

  • Basic Electronics Skills, component identification
  • Various circuits required to develop system
  • Input circuit, Output Circuits, Timing Circuits
  • Sensor Processing
  • Usage of Industrial peripherals like TRIAC, SSR, Relay, Opto-Coupler, Sensors
  • Single and Double Sided PCB Design
  • PCB Design Procedure, understanding Gerber file and pre production data`

2.     C Programming and Data Structures

  • Advanced Elements of C language
  • Various C programming Loops
  • Pointers and Functions
  • Structures and Unions
  • Data Structures

3.     8-bit Microcontroller Programming

  • 8051 Microcontroller architecture and development circuit
  • Embedded C programming for 8051
  • Interrupts on Microcontroller
  • Program downloading on Baord
  • Peripheral Programming for
    • LED, Switches, Relays, Buzzer
    • LCD, ADC
    • Stepper Motor DC Motor
    • UART

4.     32-bit ARM Architecture and Programming

  • ARM Architecture, pipelined working
  • ARM Instruction Set, Thumb mode
  • ARM Exceptions and Interrupts
  • ARM Assembly Language programming
  • Embedded C Language Programming
  • Peripherals Interfacing
    • LCD, switches, sensors
    • UART
    • I2C and SPI protocol,

5.     RTOS Fundamentals and Programming

  • Need of Real Time Operating Systems, case study
  • RTOS Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Real Time Operating System, uCos-II
  • RTOS Kernel
  • Inter process Communication, Tasks, Thread
  • Porting RTOS on ARM
  • RTOS Programming on ARM hardware

6.     Embedded Linux

  • Difference between RTOS and Linux
  • Linux platform comparison, Raspberry pi board
  • Installing Linux
  • Programming on Linux environment
  • Deploying Linux based Application using Board
  • IO handling on Linux
  • Camera, Audio, Internet interfaces and Hands-on Module

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