Embedded Systems Training

Basics, Microcontrollers, Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Basic Electronics and PCB Design

  • Must do course for people interested in Electronics
  • Most basic technical concepts in practical format
  • Breadboard Circuit Making
  • CAD based PCB Design
  • Single Sided PCB Design
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Arduino Programming

  • Most easy way to learn Microcontrollers
  • Everyone can learn Arduino Programming and Usage Regardless of Educational background
  • Make Interesting Electronics Projects, College assignments or your hobby projects using Arduino
  • More than 20 Different Projects Included
  • Course Includes a Take Home Arduino Kit
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Internet of Things

  • Most Latest field of Electronics Research and Development
  • 100% Practical Oriented Training
  • Includes IoT Experiments on Raspberry Pi and Arduino
  • More than 10 Different Sesnsors and IoT projects to build
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ARM7 and Embedded Systems

  • Electronics Engineering and Computer Science engineering students.
  • ARM7 based Embedded Systems Training covers the architecture of ARM based systems and implementation of practical projects using ARM7 and C Programming
  • Embedded C Programming with various different interfaces
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Robotics Interests Everyone. RoboAdvanced is a course for engineering/diploma/12th Students. This course comprises of Building a robot with electronics interfaces and Writing programs to create various different Robots. A Complete Robotics Kit is Included as give away kit to every student. There are total 7 Different robots to build.

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