Embedded Systems using 8051

This is the beginners course to embedded system. Recommended for the students of Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering / diploma. This gives an inside out view of the embedded system development using the most famous 8051 micro controller.


  • Basic Electronic Concepts o Resistors, capacitors, diodes, rectifier, power supply, op-amp circuits, driving LED’s, buzzer, relay
  • Digital Electronics Concepts
  • Embedded Programming Languages, Embedded C
  • 8051 Microcontroller, Architecture
  • Introduction to the Compiler Embedded C, basics tips and tricks
  • Simple Programs to Interface LEDs
  • Interfacing of switches
  • Buzzer Interface
  • Reading input from Port pins, Writing Output Data to port pins
  • Interfacing to LCD display and its programming using C
  • Relay interfacing with 8051
  • Robotics:  Interfacing of stepper motor
  • Interfacing of DC Motor using L293
  • Driving simple 2 Wheel Drive robot
    • Cell phone operated robot
    • PC operated robot
    • Time delays in 8051
    • On chip Timer programming
    • Use of timer to generate time delay
    • Use of Timer as Counters in 8051 and its programming using C
    • Frequency Calculation
    • Analog to digital Converter (ADC) Interfacing
    • Sensor interfacing
    • Theory of Serial Communication
    • Serial Communications basics
    • What is USART, UART in 8051
    • RS-232 PROTOCOL, theory and operation
    • Serial Communication on 8051
    • Sending data to PC, Receiving data from PC
    • Project Development

10 Working Projects

  1. Cell Phone Operated Robot
  2. Obstacle avoiding robot
  3. PC based robot
  4. RC robot
  5. Digital Thermometer
  6. Traffic Light Controller
  7. Digital Visitor Counter
  8. Mobile Based Device Control
  9. PC based Device Control
  10. Temperature Controlled Fan


Course Fees: 6000/- (One Time Payment)

Course Fees: 6500/- (2 Installments)

Group Discount (10+ Students): – 10 %

Course Highlights

  • 8051 starter Project kit including all the components will be given to every student free of cost.
  • Embedded Systems inside out till students feels confident
  • Lab and kits usage till the course completion
  • One CD: Containing all the software’s, sample codes, datasheets and lots of project ideas
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Earn and Learn Facility available.