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Electronics, Embedded Systems and Robotics

Welcome to Vidya Robotics. We’re a training and development Company working in the Electronics Product Development, Embedded Systems Training and Robotics Training. We’re electronics engineers driven by strong desire to spread electronics and programming education to the society

Arduino Programming

Basic Electronics Concepts, AC DC and all design related concepts related to electricity and electronics,Arduino Software and Hardware.

Internet Of Things

Concepts of Internet of Things, Study of IOT Architecture, Common protocols and platforms for implantation of IoT. Linux commands , Python Programming

Basic Electronics + PCB Design

Basic Electronics Concepts, AC DC & all design related concepts related to electricity and electronics,Layout & Artwork design, PCB making, Etching & drilling, soldering.

8051 Programming

Introduction to Micro controllers and Microprocessor .Embedded Programming Languages, Embedded C,8051 software and hardware

Advanced Arduino Programming Using Internet Of Things

Advanced Embedded Arduino Programming IOT training embedded systems and arduino programming training’s

Raspberry Pi Programming

Overview of Operating systems, available hardware resources , Raspberry Pi Hardware and Software, installation of OS, Learn python programming, Linux Commands.

Professional Embedded System Design

Professional Embedded System Design, advanced embedded programming with Micro controllers and different programming platform.

Pic Microcontroller

Introduction to Microcontrollers and Microprocessor. PIC 18 architecture, comparison with other controllers,C & Embedded Programming Languages.

Matlab Programming

Learning Matlab with Embedded System, Functioning of Matlab, Creation of Mini and Mega Projects.

Vidya Robotics

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It’s a great opportunity to work in Vidya . This company is some one who will enthusiast the talent of an individual , and it will help to build  confidence and improve piratical knowledge and technical skills . It was a great experience and honor to work and learn something here in Vidya Robotics .

Pratiksha Kasbekar

Embedded Engineer , Vidya technology Solution

The lectures were very interesting and make me eager to  listen.
The lectures were with real-time examples so I was able to understand better.
It was clear and understandable. There was a good Interaction with students.                                                                                      The lecturer has a firm grip on the content of the module and presents it in a nice way.
The  actual  module  content  is  interesting  because  the  syllabus  refers  to  real world problems and scenarios.
The  course  material  was  well  complemented  by  in-depth  yet  not  overly confusing  support  material  in  the  handouts.

Sayali Walke

Assistant System Engineer , Tata Consultancy Services

Technology and You

When it comes to technology, everyone is excited to use it and fascinated with it. Our goal is to make technology available to everyone to create anything they want. We’ve trained students from age 7 to 60, so age and background are no barriers to learn. And if by chance you belong to Engineering, you must visit us once to see what more you can do with us.


  • PCB Making
  • Electronics Circuits and gadgets testing
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino Learning
  • 8051/AVR/PIC/ARM/MSP430 Microcontrollers programming
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics
  • Big Workspace to work and enjoy
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